How to check laptop battery status with the Linux command-line.

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To check the battery status of your Linux laptop; use the acpi command. This will display the status of your laptop battery.

exempli gratia.

John@3.2.0-2-486 ~$ acpi
Battery 0: Disharging, 40%, 00:48:32 remaining.

This command also has many other options. This one shows the CPU temperature.

John@3.2.0-2-486 ~$ acpi -t
Thermal 0: ok, 45.0 degrees C

And this one shows the status of the cooling in your machine.

John@3.2.0-2-486 ~$ acpi -c
Cooling 0: LCD 3 of 15
Cooling 1: Processor 0 of 10

These examples are used on an ASUS eePC running Linux Mint 12 Debian edition. Here is the full help page for this utility. Type sudo apt-get install acpi to install this little app.

John@3.2.0-2-486 ~$ acpi --help
Usage: acpi [OPTION]...
Shows information from the /proc filesystem, such as battery status or
thermal information.
  -b, --battery            battery information
  -i, --details            show additional details if available:
                             - battery capacity information
                             - temperature trip points
  -a, --ac-adapter         ac adapter information
  -t, --thermal            thermal information
  -c, --cooling            cooling information
  -V, --everything         show every device, overrides above options
  -s, --show-empty         show non-operational devices
  -f, --fahrenheit         use fahrenheit as the temperature unit
  -k, --kelvin             use kelvin as the temperature unit
  -d, --directory <dir>    path to ACPI info (/sys/class resp. /proc/acpi)
  -p, --proc               use old proc interface instead of new sys interface
  -h, --help               display this help and exit
  -v, --version            output version information and exit
By default, acpi displays information on installed system batteries.
Non-operational devices, for example empty battery slots are hidden.
The default unit of temperature is degrees celsius.
Report bugs to Michael Meskes <>.

As you can see; this is obviously a very useful application.

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Handy. A bit disappointing when a “new” battery comes up less than design capacity, but handy to watch the eventual degradation. Cheers.

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