Good Christmas gift ideas and the world will not end in 2012.

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The best thing to purchase if you are interested in Christmas gifts for a computer user in your household; other than a Laptop which is very useful these days would have to be an external hard disk that they could use to backup their precious data. Backing up data that you have saved on your computer is very important. One way if you have a large media disk that stores your movies and music is to add another drive and copy the data across to that; or at least the most important files and keep two copies of important files that you would not to lose. I have a copy of Star Trek the Motion Picture and I keep two copies of that file as torrents of that movie are very hard to come by these days. It is a good film; Wrath of Khan is arguably better; the villain in the new Star Trek film will be someone different than Khan I think. A good film to make would be a film covering the childhood and growth into adulthood of Khan Singh; the villain in the second movie. There are two awesome novels about Khan and if he was in a new Star Trek film; then the movie would be something special. Getting back to Christmas; I still think that a laptop would be a good gift; I have learned from my studies in IT that laptops are still use for real work. A tablet is alright for browsing Facebook and watching Youtube; but laptops are better for real work.

But that is the whole crux of matter; they want everyone to use tablets instead of laptops and desktops; but desktops are better for playing games and doing work as well; I can type better on a netbook keyboard than I can on a tablets virtual keyboard. That is why the desktop form factor will not go away; the universally panned Windows 8 interface is one example of something that needs to die a slow fast death. I like the Linux Mint 13 interface as it works perfectly with dual monitors with an ATI card. That is why it is better than Ubuntu. With the growth in computing power since the earliest 8086 CPU was released and now the comparatively super powered Intel i7 CPUs we have now; it is a very exciting time. I just hope that we get some super powered Quantum computers in the future. But there are other things to be excited about. With the off and on announcement of possible life traces on Mars; we could be looking at a formerly lush planet that could still harbour life underground. Who knows, there could be liquid water underground that is not frozen like the water would be on the surface and this could sustain some form of alien life. That would not be a bad thing; it would not take very long to get to mars; the only problem is the radiation from the Sun that would endanger the astronauts making the journey. But 2013 is going to be an interesting year; with the fallout from December 21 2012; who knows what will happen when the Doomsday cults perform their rituals?

The whole December 21 2012 thing is a joke; but best ignored, there are better things to occupy your time with than worrying about the end of the world. If the world was going to end; then there is nothing you can do about it so there is nothing to worry about after all. Just ignore all of the media hype and focus on something more constructive. The world was supposed to have ended many times in the past and we are still here; so it is nothing to worry about. The thing about installing Linux is that the manufacturer may not honour the warranty if something does not work. The Newegg online website might not be the best place to purchase a laptop from if something goes wrong with the hardware and you happen to have installed an alternative operating system onto it. This story is worth reading if you are intending to purchase a laptop and you want to install Linux on the laptop: But if the hardware is at fault; then it is not the fault of the operating system if something goes wrong as long as you are not overclocking the laptop and causing damage that way. In the future we could be travelling to the moon; there is a company that is planning private trips to the Moon for only $1.4 billion dollars for two people. This is a lot less money than the Apollo project would have cost and just the thought of private citizens travelling to the moon is enough to fill me with joy.

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