Giant structures in space swallowing distant galactic clusters. Is this another Universe?

Posted: July 7, 2012. At: 9:47 PM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 4202
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Astronomers have made an amazing discovery, a group of 10,000 distant galaxy clusters that are rushing towards the same point in the sky. The implications of this is that there are unimaginably large structures in the distant areas of the Universe that are beyond our sight. The visible Universe is only 14 billion light-years across and the furthest edges are moving away from us faster than the speed of light. This means these parts of the Universe will be invisible forever. These megastructures in the distant darkness have a massive gravitational pull and are quite a frightening thing to think about, but there are things out there that we would be amazed at if we caught sight of them. At the moment, we are thinking about travelling to Mars and the Asteroids, it will be a long time indeed before we can ever reach the edge of the visible Universe and explore planets that are a truly stupendous distance from our little blue planet. The Star Trek series involved travelling across the Milky Way Galaxy, Especially the Star Trek Voyager series that featured a Starship trapped 75,000 light-years from Earth. That distance sounds like a lot, and it is, but 14,000,000,000 light-years is a distance that is hard to imagine at all. Even travelling at 10,000 times light speed it would take too long to reach such a formidable distance. And you would not want to get that close to something that can swallow Galaxy clusters anyway.

But these massive structures are larger than anything we can imagine, and we do not have to worry about them, due to the massive distance they are from our planet. Ref: New Scientist, 23 January 2009, p50. More reading: Another Universe could be connected to ours. This means that our Universe is not the only one after all, but there could be multiple Universes that exist side by side and they could touch and form a hole that joins two Universes together, as has happened in this case. I do not think that the hole will suck up the entire Universe on December 12, 2012, but it is swallowing entire galactic clusters, possibly destroying thousands of civilisations.Huge horn antenna radio telescope.Even the Doctor can not fix this massive tear in space-time. This tear in our Universe is so far away from us that we are in no danger, but goes to show that we have a lot to learn about how the fabric of space is not infallible. Sure with a black hole, we know that it is a single point of infinite gravity that sucks in everything around it and compresses it into a single point, but this hole must have a companion hole in the other Universe that is spewing out all of the matter that it has swallowed in our Universe. This is what I used to think about a black hole, but anything that falls into a black hole is destroyed and would not make it`s way back out again.

A black hole will eventually dissipate over trillions of years and disappear, but something like a hole in the fabric of our Universe is not going anywhere. The last thing to burn out in trillions of years would be the white dwarf stars but eventually they would burn out and what was left of the Universe would be totally black and dark. The Isaac Asimov short story, The Last Question is a very good illustration of a dying Universe and the inability of mankind to escape the inevitable death of space and time. The Universe will not last very long at all. The Earth will be unable to support multicellular life in about 300,000,000 years, so we will not see the Sun burn up the Earth in 5,000,000,000 years. The television series Star Trek Voyager showed the big bang as a visible explosion, but the actual big bang would not be visible, but we can detect the cosmic background radiation that is the aftermath of the big bang. That is how we can see the origins of the Universe easily. The Cosmic Microwave Background radiation is the signature of the creation of the Universe and it is able to be picked up as 1% of the static on an old television set. That is amazing, you would need a huge dedicated radio telescope to actually pick this signal up in a usable signal strength.

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