First Hypertext page ever created resurrected in 2013!

Posted: April 30, 2013. At: 10:22 PM. This was 5 years ago. Post ID: 5682
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The latest project from CERN.
The latest project from CERN. This is the first Hypertext page ever created; the page that was the first to use hyperlinks and gave us a connected and more informed future. This is a page using some very old HTML 1.0 code with<DD> tags that I have not seen for a very long time. They seem to have gone the way of the <XMP> tags that you used to use to display code listings on a website. But that is in the past. Seeing uppercase tags in the HTML code is another thing that you do not see anymore. HTML is not case sensitive. But if you are referring to files in a HREF link like this: <a href=”my.htm”>My page</a>. Then you need to have the filename in the right case so that if you are using a UNIX or Linux server it can find the files and you will not get a 404 error. With modern HTML 5 we have many more tags that allow us to embed media in a HTML file and deliver dynamic content to the World Wide Web. Since the creation of the world wide web; CERN have moved on to create the Large Hadron Collider. This accelerates particles to massive speeds and then forces them to collide to release energy. This gives insights into how the elemental building blocks of the Universe are put together.

A typical Yahoo Geocities page in the 1990`s.
A typical Yahoo Geocities page in the 1990`s.

The world wide web really took off after the free hosting services like Geocities; Angelfire and others sprang up to offer users a certain amount of ad supported hosting space to create a website and make their own spot on the web. Here is a Yahoo styled page that I coded a while ago. It uses frames and all: Geocities was also divided up into communities that were all dedicated to a certain interest; this was supposed to allow those users with common interests to congregate and share information. A very early form of social networking. Although not to the extent of Facebook. Everyone had a fan page or other personal site on Geocities back in the day. It was the days of the Yahoo search engine and the Netscape Navigator browser suite. Long before Firefox and Google came on the scene and began to dominate the Internet. I remember using the old Netscape browser on Linux; that was functional, but I prefer Firefox or Chromium. Still; even a simple web page like the CERN page they first created would be a good page even now; the page is very simple and it does it`s job perfectly.

Shows how far the Internet has come in all this time though.

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