E16 window manager available for Fedora Core 19.

Posted: December 24, 2013. At: 11:55 AM. This was 4 years ago. Post ID: 6780
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The old E16 window manager is available for Fedora 19. I just discovered this when installing some new software to try out. Install it using this command.

yum install e16 e16-themes.noarch e16-epplets.x86_64

This is a very old but good looking window manager. There are some awesome themes available for this WM on the Internet.

I have found an archive of themes here: http://themes.effx.us/packages/e16/.

Fedora 19 E16 desktop.
Fedora 19 E16 desktop.

This is the best theme of the lot: http://themes.effx.us/packages/e16/QN-X11.etheme. It is good that Fedora has a lot of older packages available. Ubuntu 14.04 did not have this WM at all. I tried Arch Linux instead of Ubuntu, but I could not get the ATi drivers installed. I tried the installer downloaded from the ATI website, but I got errors when attempting to compile the drivers against the 3.12 kernel. I will be sticking with Fedora from now on. It just works and is easier to setup. E16 works perfectly with a dual monitor setup as you can see in the screenshot above. I used this command to take a desktop screenshot.

import -window root root.jpeg

This uses the Imagemagick utility to take a screenshot of the whole desktop. And I have the Xmms music player as well. This is another very old package that I am using. Well worth installing. It has support for all music formats as well.

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