Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act to be a threat to freedom.

Posted: May 12, 2012. At: 11:25 PM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 3806
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The CISPA Bill is a program that will enable more sharing of Internet user`s data to facilitate monitoring of the Internet use of civilians. This under the guise of protecting us from terrorists and keeping suicide bombers off planes. Of course there was the unencrypted data conveniently found in Osama Bin Laden`s hideout, that detailed terrorist activities. It would have been funny if he had encrypted his data with a large encryption key and 4096 bit encryption and they had shot him before they got the passkey. Then they would not be able to recover the data for a long time. The government only wants to be able to spy on everyday people and gather their Internet browsing activity; requiring an ISP to hold data for two years.

That will cost a fortune in storage, storing every file and movie every customer has ever downloaded during the term of their contract with the ISP. That way they can go back through the data and look for any “terrorist” activity like downloading movies and mp3 files for free. Sure, the American government is giving Mexican crime gangs .50 caliber Barret 82A1 rifles, that can take out an armored vehicle, and allowing the TSA to terrorize the public with unnecessary pat-down searches that are an invasion of privacy. Everyone is a criminal these days, I am wondering when the movie Fortress will come true and everyone will be in huge underground jails. And a Chinese styled one child policy will be in force. Judging by the moronic television shows that America pumps out, it is a wonder they get anything done.

The House of Representatives have approved the controversial CISPA bill, a dark day for freedom of speech and something that must be fought against if we are to maintain any semblance of a free and open society. America continues to parrot the freedom and open society blurb, America the free and all that, but they are not a free country at all if they are imposing draconian measures on to their citizens that will restrict their free speech and make the formerly free America just like China. There is an FAQ on the CBS news website that gives some information on how this draconian bill will affect Americans. This is an unmistakably mainstream view of this bill though.

There is a more balanced view of the CISPA bill on this website: The American government already has computers assigned to the task of data mining Internet traffic to look for suspicious traffic. The Room 641a system is a set of large and powerful computers that are monitoring the Internet for any suspicious activity that could be construed as terrorism by the American government.

This was signed into being by president Bush, allowing monitoring of the entire Internet and every message that passes over the wires. Privacy on the Internet is no longer a given as long as this system is in place. This data center is located at Room 641A at 611 Folsom Street, San Francisco and is home to the future of government spying on the Internet activity of every user.

The Room 641A article mentions the process of “splitters” attached to the fiber optic cables carrying Internet data allowing part of the light signal to be bled off and analyzed. This is scary stuff indeed.

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