Create a cool looking clock in your terminal.

Posted: December 9, 2014. At: 8:50 AM. This was 3 years ago. Post ID: 7953
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Now, we must convince Congress to stop the FCC. Can you display an alert?

This simple little script will print an updating clock in the terminal.


watch -t -n 1 'date +%H:%M:%S | figlet'

This version will print a cow that tells you the time.


watch -t -n 1 'date +%H:%M:%S | cowsay'

And finally, this prints the time using blocky characters.


watch -t -n 1 'date +%H:%M:%S | toilet'
My updating clock in action.
My updating clock in action.

This is a cool addition to your Linux desktop, this prints the time, and updates every second, this is very useful indeed.

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