Cool Russian Soyuz software demo. This is the coolest DOS software ever.

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Russian Soyuz software demo.
Russian Soyuz software demo.

Download this from:

click on “программой” unzip the file and run inpu.exe in Dosbox.

I used the following command:

dosbox -c "mount c: soyuz" -c "c:" -c "inpu" -c "exit"

Where soyuz is the directory that holds the files. This software has no mouse support, the arrow keys move the cursor and ENTER selects an option. Knowledge of Cyrillic characters will hold you in great stead when using this software. But you can use this to pretend you are flying a space ship. Just like in the movie Gravity with the actor from Speed.

Here is a list of string translations to english:

Another shot of this software. A lot of buttons!
Another shot of this software. A lot of buttons!

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