Chinas moon probe has successfully soft-landed on the moon. This the prelude to a manned mission.

Posted: December 15, 2013. At: 11:26 AM. This was 4 years ago. Post ID: 6733
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China have successfully soft-landed an unmanned probe on the lunar surface. This is an amazing achievement. Hopefully they can send back photographs of the NASA moon lander and finally shut up the moon landing conspiracy theorists. The pictures sent back to Earth from the moon are in color, the surface of the moon looks rather like mars, with the brown color of the surface. But this will hopefully lead to a manned Chinese mission to the moon. This is what the world needs right now, a re-invigorated interest in space travel. America cannot afford this, so it is time for their Chinese masters to take over space and show America how it is done. The Jade Rabbit space probe is a wheeled vehicle and will send back color photographs of the lunar surface for the first time. There is a nice photograph here: The lunar surface is actually quite colorful in this picture. There is even a splash of red in the photograph. Direct ilnk to the photo:!/image/3226098468.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_640/3226098468.jpg. This is the beginning of something awesome.

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