Awesome elegance colors theme for Gnome Shell, this can change colors automatically.

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Some beautiful GTK themes for Linux Mint and Ubuntu

Elegance colors theme for Gnome.
Elegance colors theme for Gnome. This awesome new theme for Gnome Shell has the ability to change colors automatically depending upon the wallpaper the user has at the moment. This would be very good for a user that wants a dynamically changing desktop experience whenever they choose a new wallpaper. So, download this theme and give it a go if you want a dynamically changing desktop theme.

Nord: This is another quality theme for Gnome Shell. This one has a blue ice color scheme and is very good for a first effort.

Away: This is a Gnome Shell theme that is rather like the default GS theme whilst making something new at the same time.

Minty Gnome Shell theme: This theme gives Linux Mint colors to Gnome Shell. Nice theme for any Linux Mint users.

Tyr GS theme: A high quality Gnome Shell theme. Well worth installing for any fan of high quality dark desktop themes.

Viva Gnome Shell theme: Another high quality dark theme for Gnome Shell.

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