Australia does not need an NBN network for faster network speeds?

Posted: February 16, 2017. At: 9:32 AM. This was 1 year ago. Post ID: 10262
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The head of the NBN company has claimed that Australians would not even need or use super fast NBN download speeds, even if it was offered for free. This is despite the massive adoption of online gaming and Netflix video streaming. As well as downloading 10 gigabyte game patches. Steam uses a lot of bandwidth as well. This is why we need faster Internet connectivity. The rest of the world has much faster Internet than Australia. Australia is 57th in the world for Internet speeds, beaten by Thailand and Indonesia. This is such a backward country, there will be increasingly bandwidth dependent websites that stream high-definition video. It would be a shame if our Internet was not fast enough to keep up with the rest of the world. That is why we need the fibre to the house and gigabit speeds, that would be more future proof. The NBN staff have promised 25 megabits per second for rural towns, but this is not much faster than existing 10 megabit per second ADLS +2 speeds.

This is what happens when the aging copper network is asked to handle the massive amount of bandwidth required. The whole thing should be replaced, but this would be too expensive. This country really is going downhill. They talk about putting everything in the cloud, but this is hard to do with restricted bandwidth. That is why we need a future-proof fibre network. This would last much longer. But the problem is that they think if we had more bandwidth, we would look to other sources of entertainment online and the Foxtel broadcasting company would not make so many profits. Foxtel costs a lot per month, but it still has so many ads. And it is so much easier to find other online entertainment options like Star Trek streaming and other online television options. But this can be difficult in a rural area. Schools are increasingly using the Internet for online learning and research. This would be increasingly powerful if there was much more bandwidth. Using Skype to communicate with others over the Internet and teleconference would be made much easier.

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