ASUS and Linksys router vulnerabilities leaving computer users exposed.

Posted: February 19, 2014. At: 5:14 PM. This was 4 years ago. Post ID: 6988
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The many vulnerabilities uncovered that allow malicious read-write access to hard drives connected to ASUS routers continues to be a dangerous thing that needs to be addressed. There is a patch for ASUS routers that patches this vulnerability; but it is up to the users to install this patch. This is far too easy to exploit. Someone could find a computer with a massive amount of sensitive files and download them all to their own machine. Or delete someones entire backups. Manufacturers of networking hardware need to be more careful with security. This is peoples files we are talking about. The people that have been hit by this would have learned a hard lesson about security. Some people who have accessed remote drives and left a text file that alerts the user about the vulnerability. This is a good white-hat tactic. Better than deleting terabytes of movies from someones machine. The ASUS vulnerability allows Anonymous FTP access to a router than has an external hard drive plugged into it. This is intended for network wide media access over your local network. But this also allows access over the network. This is why the users have lost countless files when they have been deleted en-masse.

There are vulnerabilities in the Belkin home routers as well. This is very concerning. I do not use these brands though. Read about this on Slashdot here: This is a good time to check your router brand and see if there are any vulnerabilities that affect it.

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