A look at the very latest Ubuntu 12.04 Unity desktop.

Posted: February 26, 2012. At: 2:32 PM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 2815
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I have had another look at the Ubuntu Unity desktop, I am aware that this desktop environment is not everybody’s favourite user interface, but it deserves another look. I have recorded a Youtube video of the latest Unity desktop and with the MyUnity desktop configuration tool that allows even more configuration of the Unity interface than ever before maybe Unity will actually become a worthwhile desktop interface. With the latest Ubuntu 12.04 updates, the LightDM  login manager has received a new look, it is not as fast as before when you are clicking the round white button to select your desktop environment. There are nice new icons accompanying each window manager in the list and an overall aesthetic overhaul to the login manager. With the MyUnity configuration manager you may make the top panel totally transparent and adjust the transparency of the sidebar as well. I wish you could put the sidebar on the bottom of the screen, but Mark Shuttleworth has said that the sidebar must remain where it is due to the placement of the Unity orb button. But at least you can configure some elements of the Unity desktop and have some choice in the look of this interface.

I show the MyUnity interface configuration tool in my video and this is rather like the gnome-tweak-tool for the Gnome Shell desktop and is a nice addition for the Unity desktop, but the configuration options that are allowed by the MyUnity tool should be available in the default System Settings menu in Unity. That is the same issue prevalent with the Gnome Shell desktop. At least with Gnome 3 you can make it look like the Gnome 2.32.2 desktop. The Ubuntu Android distribution seems to use the Gnome 2.32.2 desktop, I assume that this distribution will have the Unity desktop, after all, it is a touch oriented interface. Ubuntu is running on desktop machines, tablet computers, it is targeting smart televisions and Canonical are putting Ubuntu onto Android Smartphones as well. The Ubuntu distribution will truly conquer the world of mobile technology. Here is to hoping they will maintain a quality desktop experience to go with a secure and stable Linux distribution, the user interface is the key to creating a quality desktop experience after all. After you have a quality desktop interface that anyone can use, then you can say that your mobile operating system is ready for the mainstream.

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