5 Features that Make Linux Server Hosting Better than Windows Hosting

Posted: December 10, 2013. At: 7:40 PM. This was 4 years ago. Post ID: 6701

When it comes to server hosting, there are two options available to every user. These options are Linux based hosting options and Windows based hosting options. You will come across people who are firmly in one camp and many who are confused and in the middle.

What about me, you ask? Well when it comes to server hosting, I am firmly in the Linux camp. Now before you dismiss me as another Windows hater, you will be surprised to know that I use the latest version of Windows both at home and at the office. Yet, for hosting my blog, I chose the Linux option. Confused? Well, below are the five main reasons why I chose Linux over Windows hosting services.

  • The first feature is the open source nature of the Linux programming. Let us be realistic about certain aspects of the Windows operating system. However, no matter how gifted a programmer you are, you cannot make changes to the coding of the operating system.

This is not true when it comes to Linux. By using server hosting services which use Linux, you can tweak and modify the nature of the operating system to ensure that your blog or website looks and performs better. This is not possible with Windows.

  • The second feature is the stability of the Linux program. What takes most Windows users by surprise is that even though it is an open source OS, Linux is much more stable than Windows. An irritant when it comes to Windows is that it needs constant upgrades and reboots.

However by using Linux, you are eliminating the needs for constant reboots and maintenance. This is because the DNA of this operating system means that you do not have to worry about crashes and downtime.

  • The third feature is that Linux as an operating system is very simple to use. This is the second fact which surprises Windows users. You see, Linux has evolved from a programming based system to a GUI bases system, just like Windows.

This feature means that if you opt for a server hosting service based on Linux, you do not have to learn programming and can use the GUI program which is extremely simple to use and operate.

  • The fourth feature is that it is much easier to scale up your website with a Linux based OS. As we all know every blog or website starts off small and increases over time. This means that you will have to add more components which may make it unstable.

However, stability is the hallmark of the Linux system. Hence you can easily add the components without worrying if the website or blog will crash. That is a huge benefit of this operating system.

  • The fifth feature is my favourite feature. Like me, I am sure you must have started with a Windows based server hosting service. But this does not mean that you have to be stuck with this option.

You can easily migrate your blog or website to a Linux based service (as I did before with the “UnoEuro server hosting“). Because of the above mentioned features, the blog or website will continue to operate normally without any issues.

So are you in the Linux camp or in the Windows camp? Please start the debate in our comment boxes. 

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Our company is in the Windows camp. I, as a technician, know Windows very well and don’t have stability issues and consistent reboots. We have the latest versions of windows on all our computers except for the slower ones, which have Windows 7, and can tell a major difference in performance and stability since even as late as Windows 7 compared to later versions. Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 are very stable and fast. And Internet Explorer in those versions out performs all other browsers that I have tested considering that I have to check for compatibility for my websites. I like Linux but don’t know it like I do Windows.

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