Best Android apps for 2017.

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The best Android apps for 2017

There are some awesome Android apps available now. Here is a selection of the few that I have found useful.

Barcode scanner

This app can scan barcodes on products and also allow the user to lookup the product online.

Works extremely well. It can also scan QR codes perfectly, even off a PC screen.

Using SSH with Termux to connect to a PC.
Using SSH with Termux to connect to a PC.


A simple Linux terminal app for Android that gives the user a fully-featured Linux shell and the ability to install more packages with apt.

Best way to connect to your PC from anywhere with SSH.


The best app for Android that will show a weather forecast for your region. Location services must be enabled for this to work properly.


Best app to get IP address information from your Android device. This can also get your public facing IP.

Text Editor

The best text editor app for Android. This can open and save files from various sources.


The best music player for Android, with a comprehensive equalizer. There are also options to control volume balance and the playback speed. Very nice app.

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