Windows `98 customisation.

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I just updated my WordPress installation manually and had to delete the .maintenance file in the WordPress root folder. To do this on Linux, just open the Gnome Terminal and type and enter your username and password and hit enter, then type ls -a and look to see if the file is there, then type delete .maintenance and hit enter, then it will be gone. I prefer to upgrade my uploading and unpacking the zipfile rather than automatically.

Watching television on Linux is easy if you have a Digital TV set top box like I have, then if you also have a Compro DVB-T 300 capture card you plug the set top box into the card and then type mplayer -tv input=1 tv:// to open a mplayer window that will display the video from the set top box. Some DVB-T digital tv cards will work with Linux but this is what I decided to do. I do not want to use Windows 2003 anymore since I got this working with Linux Mint 9 i386. Windows is not the best thing to run on your machine, although Windows 2003 is pretty stable, and nice to use, I prefer a Linux/UNIX environment. Linux comes with the wget utility and other useful commands like lspci. I have seen enough error messages and problems with Microsoft Windows software packages, like the annoying ribbon interface featured in Office 2007 and the horrible MSIE 7.0. Windows Vista was the worst version of Windows, equal to Windows `98. The heyday of the Internet using Internet Explorer 4.0 and the active desktop was interesting, but not good in the long term. The only thing I really liked in Windows `98 was the ability to customize the folders with the folder.htt stylesheet. That was very cool, if only Windows 7 had that feature, which as far as I know was missing from Windows XP.

Bill Gates.
Bill Gates and Windows 1.0.

I guess that the Future of Windows should include more integration with social networking in outlook and Internet explorer. Did you know that Microsoft released Windows 3.2? That was only for China. Microsoft were even planning to develop a version of the Ipad called the Winpad and the OS to go on it. This was in 1994. This would have been cool. And the early Windows XP Whistler interface was quite different looking compared to how it eventually turned out. ReactOS will eventually bring a open-source Windows to the computing world, but it is still in alpha stages at the moment.

According to a survey of Windows XP users, there is a page of graphs that explain why they are sticking with a 10 year old OS. I have used XP extensively, and Windows 7. 7 has better hardware detection and driver installation is more seamless and automatic most of the time with hardware such as printers and DVB-T Digital TV cards.

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