Windows 8 copy and move operations to be overhauled.

Posted: August 25, 2011. At: 6:17 PM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 1855
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The copy and move operations in Windows are to be repaired, previously in Windows the copy and move operations were quite hit and miss with the dialog printing varying estimations of the remaining time for the operation. This has fueled many jokes over the years and it is time that they started to fix this. The file dialog to the right is showing what will appear if there are some files in the destination folder with the same file-name as the copied files.

Figure 6 - Conflict (more details)

But what will happen if there are 500 files being copied? Then you would have to scroll down through a huge list of files checking the ones you want to replace. it would be good if this could wait until the end after all of the other files have been copied across and then prompt the user to take care of the files that had conflicts.

Then you would not need to sit in front of the machine for hours babysitting the copy operation. The best ideas are the simplest and a setup like that would make the most sense. Users hate having to take care of a copy operation conflict halfway through the task. And I agree that a squared off theme would be a good idea as well, and keeping the option of the Windows classic theme in Windows 8. The MONAD CLI interface that was planned for Windows will stay as the Windows Powershell, providing a very powerful command-line interface for Windows administration. hopefully Microsoft can improve Windows and make it actually worth using. The stability and security of Windows 7 is better than the Windows releases that have preceded it and hopefully in the future the Windows operating system can only get better.

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