Windows 2003 is good.

Posted: December 24, 2010. At: 7:32 AM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 806
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Just typing up this post in thinking about the royal screw up that the National Broadband Network in Australia is turning out to be. It will cost AU$56.00 per month for the service and it may not be available in the country areas, they will have to be served by Satellite and WIMAX wireless technologies. I do not know what happened to the idea of transmitting data over the power-lines. That could be a good idea for the country, but the Labour government is so clueless they cannot decide on anything to save themselves. They have suspended parliament early to try and quash criticism of the power sell-off, which is only to delay the inevitable, ignoring the rats deserting the sinking ship. Our country is selling off assets and pandering to the boat people whilst our own homeless people are ignored. The National Broadband Network will take 10 years to complete, that is a long time in terms of Information Technology. South Korea and Japan are way ahead of us with Gigabit internet speeds that we cannot match. Our hospitals are decaying whilst we spend millions bringing Oprah Winfrey to our shores when she could have paid her own way.


I enjoy using Linux, but Windows 2003 is quite stable and more secure than the ancient Windows XP, that is still in wide usage around the world, to the detriment of many unsuspecting PC’s. Windows XP should not be used for anything right now, Windows 7 is slightly better and improves on the user experience. Although it has it’s problems it is very popular and especially with DirectX 11 and 12 you would need a modern operating system for that. And everyone is going 64 bit these days. But Windows 2003 server enterprise edition supports Symmetric Multi Processing and more than 4GB of RAM which is better than Windows XP by far. Not to forget support for building a cluster, just like a supercomputer, where you can get together a heap of computers and build a cluster and break codes and crack encryption. I just bought this phone. and it is heaps of fun to use, better than my old one by far.

I wish the partitioning and system management tools in Ubuntu and Linux Mint were like Computer Management in Windows systems like Windows 2003, you have everything you need in one application with MMC snap-ins to manage any part of your system. I quite like that system, it makes it so easy to create a new user for example, you just go to Local users and groups, click on users, then right-click and select new user and fill in the blanks. Too easy.

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