When planets collide.

Posted: April 24, 2011. At: 10:43 AM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 1317
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I just found this interesting video on Youtube and I thought I would share this with you. It talks about what happens when a planet or planetoid collides with another planet and how such an occurrence has been photographed by observatories on Earth. This is how the Earth`s moon was formed, a planetary body the size of Mars collided with the young Earth and the material that was thrown out into space then formed the Moon as we know it today. Without the Moon, the Earth would not have a stable orbit and no stable climate like we have these days, with regular periods of winter and summer every year instead we would have a planet with ice wandering all over it and it`s axis would be shifting due to gravitational interference from other planets in the solar system pulling weakly on our planet and disrupting it`s orbit. The Moon was only about 20-30 thousand kilometers away from the Earth after it was first formed then it gradually moved away from the Earth and now it is 351,000 kilometers away from the Earth and it is moving further away from the Earth every year. This means that the gravitational influence of the Moon is lessened slightly with every year that passes. We know this as NASA has placed mirrors on the surface of the Moon and we can beam powerful lasers onto the surface of the Moon and measure the time the beam takes to reach the Moon and return to Earth to calculate the distance from the Earth to the Moon. I hope someday we will establish colonies on the Moons surface one day and finally move out into space, we are still stuck on Earth when there are many planets to explore out there and countless asteroids to mine for minerals.

That must be our target to aim for in the future, we need to move away from the society we have at the moment dominated by war and the royal wedding, to focus more on space exploration and feeding the hungry people of the world with better technology for growing crops in adverse conditions faced in third world nations. That is what we need to focus on so we can have a happier and more productive time on this Earth. If we could colonise Mars, we would have more space for humans to live rather than being cooped up on this one little planet together like we are right now. That is the problem with our world, we are fighting pointless and destructive wars that are killing thousands of innocent people and not doing much to improve the world for the people on it.

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