Website updated, and Ubuntu disk encryption.

Posted: November 20, 2010. At: 2:13 AM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 698
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Updated the website ad code and added the cool Twitter button to link my visitors to my Twitter account. Even though I hardly use Twitter except to have a feed of my Youtube activity. Anyway, I am very happy with the sucess of my website despite the loss of my database a while ago, but you pick up and start posting all over again and then you realise that you should not be bogged down with small disasters as the world will keep on spinning with or without you and you might as well keep on going with it.

Russia have stated they are working on their own operating system based on GNU/Linux and dumping the standard Linux operating system as it is. There are a good amount of knowledgeable computer users in that country and if they can improve on the standard linux kernel from, that would be totally awesome, it needs more work to be a perfect operating kernel. The best thing to give to Linux to make it a better operating system is more firmware and more driver support for newer hardware, especially laptops, as well as perfecting the Nvidia open soure drivers to replace the binary blob that we currently have to use. Linux will take off when you can just install a new vanilla kernel and have the Nvidia driver already working with full 3D acelleration after the installation without having to re-install the Nvidia binary driver every time. If the Russian hackers can pull this off and make a new operating system that is more secure than the Android OS then more power to them, I admire their determination to revitalise the market, although their are countless projects where they are inventing new operating systems from scratch and some never get past the ‘hello world’ stage, but if you can do it and you have the fundamental knowledge of computer science that is necessary to visualise what you want to achieve then do it by all means go right ahead and take it on.

Making a operating system more secure than Windows, that is cabable of running Linux applications sounds like a good thing, but then again you could just help out on the ReactOS project and help finish an open source version of Windows that is totally free. I cannot wait until that progresses enough to run on a computer and is usable for day to day tasks. At the moment on my laptop, I am running Xubuntu 9.10 with disk encryption and it has practically no overhead, the laptop is still just as fast, just with an encrypted volume containing my home folder, I have to type my password to login when I boot and this also decrypts my home folder transparently in the background. I wish Windows came with this functionality.

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