Website theme testing, & Windows rant.

Posted: June 23, 2011. At: 6:23 AM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 1674
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Hello there. I have noticed that some users are having trouble recovering their username and password, as I was checking my info[AT] E-Mail account and I noticed that there were a lot of messages that pertained to that problem. I have tried to fix this, so if you try again it might work now. If not send me an E-Mail and I will get it sorted out somehow. The new look of the website is working out very well indeed, I am using the Twentyten theme and that has the simplest code block of them all to display the posts making it the perfect choice for my website. The P2 theme I was using before with the threaded comments was nice, but this looks more professional and clean. I have also done some work on the website improving the Google scorecard and SEO optimisations to bring in more traffic. I am very happy with how successful this website is and I hope to get even more visitors in future. As I wrote in the last posting, the new website design has been tested in Internet Explorer 8.0 and has worked very well, Internet Explorer 9.0 is the best, but I was testing it on Windows XP and that does not support IE 9.0. And anyway, using IE to browse the web constantly is asking for trouble, you should only use the IE browser to download the much more secure Firefox web browser. Internet Explorer is a conduit for viruses and malware that has been the source of much grief for many years. I was using a computer at the town library to check my website, but the Internet there was as slow as dial-up speeds, like 28.8 Kilobits Per Second slow; the slowest I have seen it. They can not blame that on the volcanic ash cloud from Chile :(. And they are running Windows XP in 2011? That OS should be in the dustbin by now, but it keeps on going even after the superior Windows 7 release has come out, with superior security and features to make your computing experience much more enjoyable.

I have used Windows since Windows 3.0, and then I went on to use Windows 3.11 for Workgroups and Windows `95, `98, NT and Windows 2000 Professional. Windows NT was very secure and stable, but today Windows 7 does everything that you need and I have only ever had one BSOD when the login screen came up, it crashed and then re-booted, but after that it was fine. Sure Linux and UNIX are far more reliable, but I sometimes find cause to use Windows and I want it to be reliable and secure and that is what Windows 7 gives me. Ubuntu could work well on the library computers and it would be faster and more reliable than an installation of the venerable Windows XP operating system. But that is why we have free and open source operating systems like the aforementioned UNIX and Linux, that offer a fully functional desktop operating system that is not susceptible to viruses and malware like Windows and Macintosh computers are today. I am writing this on my Linux Mint 11 system in the text console, I have mocp running playing the Baraka soundtrack and I am using VI to write this text, it allows me to write this with less distractions than writing in gedit on the Gnome 2.32 desktop. You can type sudo service gdm stop to stop GDM if you do not want that to be running whilst you are using the virtual consoles. /etc/init.d/gdm stop can also be used to stop GDM in some distributions, but the service(8) command is a better option. This runs the System V init scripts itself and takes care of starting and stopping various services on your system. Linux Mint 11 is a very good Linux distribution and the fact that it kept the Gnome 2.32 desktop instead of moving to Gnome 3.0 is a very good decision on the part of the Mint team as this desktop is far more fun to use and theme than the Gnome 3.0 desktop.

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