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Posted: November 28, 2011. At: 7:48 AM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 2238
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A happy DOS User...
A happy DOS User...

My Linux information pages redesigned. Check them out.

I have found an old backup of my old website, I will search through the mysql dump of my WordPress installation and see what I can find in that file. I was hosting my website with Hosting24, but their service is terrible compared to Hostgator. I might find some old posts that I have lost and I might be able to recover something useful. It reminded me looking through that SQL file, of how many spam comments I used to get before I switched to a captcha verification system to cut the amount of spam. Otherwise the comments section would be clogged with spam comments and the more legitimate comments would be swamped by all the other nonsense comments that websites without anti-spam countermeasures tend to get. If you are running a WordPress blog, then I recommend setting up Akismet and Captcha. Anti-spam. You will thank me once you are relieved of the thankless task of sorting through the comments in your spam folder to find the legitimate and useful comments among all the spam rubbish extolling the virtues of all kinds of medical aids and medicinal chemicals.

A PHPBB forum installation can also be a huge target for spam and it is necessary to enable the new users group for newly registered users, this will mean that you will have to approve all new posts, but this will mean that only the board administrator will be able to see and approve or drop new posts. Merely having Captcha does not seem to stop spam on a PHPBB installation, you need to have the new users group enabled and this will really work for you. There are some useful tips for reducing message board spam here: PHPBB spam sticky. I hope you find some of these tips helpful. The Captcha I am using on my WordPress installation seems to be stopping the spam very well indeed, but the Captcha on the PHPBB board does not work in reducing spam at all. I am trying to get a guest book script working on my website, but I will need to find a good Perl spam countermeasure to keep that safe from spam postings. There needs to be a better way to prevent spam on your website, it is getting out of hand.

In other news here is a very good posting on how to create the perfect OpenSUSE 12.1 desktop. OpenSUSE desktop perfection. I will be redesigning my website as the current look is getting a little old and I want it to look the way it did in its heyday. I have Apache installed on my Fedora Core 15 box and I will be able to experiment with that to find the perfect theme for my website.

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