Voyager probe leaving Solar System.

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The Voyager probe that left Earth 34 years ago is now leaving the Solar System altogether and moving into a huge cloud of matter that is surrounding our Solar System. The craft’s batteries have enough power to keep the venerable craft operating until anno 2020. The fact that the computers are still working and processing the data it collects to send back to NASA is a testament to the reliability of the components used in the construction. If only modern computers could be that reliable, but with shitty software like Google Android and Windows XP still dominating the computing market that seems to be a pipe dream. The older technologies like magnetic core memory are more reliable when exposed to huge amounts of cosmic radiation than modern microprocessors. it would take millions of years to reach another star system traveling at about 30,000 KM an hour, Star Trek styled speeds are far beyond our technological reach now. In the first Star Trek movie, the V,Ger spaceship was an alien intelligence that had absorbed the Voyager probe and came back to the Solar System seeking its creator.

The original mission sending the Voyager 1 & 2 probes into space cost US$865.000.000 which translated into 2011 dollars is US$ Lucky that we got this done before the global financial crisis and the scaling back of the NASA missions. And also the grounding of the Space Shuttle that has done a very good job with the robot arm to deploy satellites into Earth orbit. That is why they mounted an arm on the International Space Station instead, enabling objects deployed from a rocket to be maneuvered into place on the International Space Station. Someday we will be touring space and exploring new planets like the Kepler 22b planet discovered by the Kepler space telescope recently. That planet is 600 light years away, meaning that we could not reach the planet with modern technology in any human lifespan. One light year is 9,460,730,472,580.8 KM, that is an enormous distance no matter how you measure it. The galaxy holds many amazing sights we could visit, such as VY Canis Majoris, a Red Giant star that is 3,000,000,000 KM in diameter, compared to our Sun that is 1,470,000 KM in diameter it is truly hard to imagine a stellar body that big but there it is.

If we had not endured the medieval dark ages and if we were not wasting billions of dollars on the war in Afghanistan, we would be touring space now, but sadly the church and our hatred of each other due mostly to the religious differences and arguments between rival tribal groups leads to war after war. if we could get past that and united humanity like in the utopian Star Trek universe where there were no more nation states only one united Earth. Then we could explore space instead of blowing each other up and flying planes into buildings. That will get us nowhere. We are heading towards Idiocracy though the way that humanity are watching even more and more dumbed down reality television and “educational” cable television like the History channel and Discovery Science, those channels are just glorified reality channels with no real educational value at all. The History channel is only ancient aliens and reality shows that have lost all value as a teaching tool. Better to watch Youtube channels like SpaceRip, his channel is very educational and it is awesome to learn about the many incredible sights in the Universe.

Sure, when Discovery channel started it was pretty good, but now it is not worth watching.

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