Using Google Adsense to monetise your website.

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Milhouse Newsreader.
Milhouse Newsreader.

If like me, you have a website and you are wanting to get more visitors and hopefully some more links back to your website, then read on. I use the Share-press plug-in for WordPress which will automatically share my posts with my Facebook page and it can also share with Twitter as well. Twitter is a good ally when you are wanting to get more traffic to your website , if you post a link to your posts regularly on Twitter this can help get many more potential visitors seeing the link and clicking through to your website. If you are using Google Adsense, you will need a large amount of traffic as well as hopefully some ad clicks to improve the potential revenue from your ad units. Google analyze the traffic your website is receiving as well as the ad clicks and who is clicking the ad units to make sure they are not the result of fraudulent activity. So NEVER click your own ad units, as Google can see where the clicks are coming from and they will ban you if you are caught, and since they will be watching your account and monitoring the IP addresses of the visitors that have clicked the ad and if your IP address is showing up in that list, you will be in trouble.

There are people that get into click rings and try to cheat Adsense, but that is a good way to get banned. If you have a YouTube channel, you may post your website link on your channel. This is especially effective if your channel uses the classic channel style. The new style is not too good for navigation. The main way to get traffic to your website is to update as regularly as you can, if you leave the website to stagnate for too long it will put your visitors off and they will just go elsewhere. The CPM value is the cost per 1000 impressions. This means that advertisers pay a certain amount to create an advertisement for 1000 views and every time one of their advertisements is loaded into the browser and viewed by one of your website visitors, you will earn a small amount that is credited to your Adsense, account. Google Adsense will automatically choose either advertisements implementing impressions or a click through rate instead, whichever will give the best returns depending on the current performance of your account. There are other advertising alternatives to Adsense, like 888media and Chitika.

You need to watch out for scam companies like Ymads that allow you to earn exorbitant amounts but will abscond with the proceeds. I think their website is still being DDOSED to this minute. But Google Adsense does give good returns, you just need to abide by the rules and create a lot of good content to get some nice traffic. Using CPM ads means that you will earn a small amount from the ad impressions that you are receiving. This can be a good way to earn an income from Adsense, make sure to watch which ad units are performing the best and remove ad units that are not performing as well. If you have an old Blogspot site with Adsense on it that is not giving you any income you are best advised to remove the Adsense from that site and only focus on the websites that are giving you some returns. This way your main website will be the main focus of your efforts and the rewards will be worth the effort. In other words, do not spread yourself too thinly, having 90 websites all with Adsense ad units on them that are not regularly updated may not work as well as having one website that you can regularly update and drive a lot of traffic to.

Adding relevant comments on other blogs with your URL included is another good way to get other high ranking websites to link to your blog. This will increase your Google ranking as that is determined by how many other websites are linking to your website and their ranking as well. If you get links from websites that are ranking very highly in Google, then your ranking will go up. And if you are a member of a PhpBB message board, then add your URL in your signature and your profile, this will get it seen as well. I have mine in my Slashdot profile and many other websites that I post on, so that I can get some traffic from those websites. Use Google webmaster tools and/or Bing webmaster tools as well as Google Analyics to measure the performance of your website and which search terms are bringing people to your website, this can help when you are stuck in a rut and you can not think of something to post about, you can find out which terms are the most popular and work out how to use that to get more traffic. And post about varied topics as well, if you post about the same thing over and over your audience may get bored with your website and go elsewhere. So keep looking for something fresh to post about.

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