Upgrading to OpenSuse 11.4.

Posted: March 17, 2011. At: 2:49 PM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 1112
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Just running the update to OpenSuse 11.4, I can not wait until the installation is finished and I can use my newly updated operating system. OpenSuse 11.4 uses kernel which will include many new and interesting features for sure. it had to download 1.89 Gigabytes of data, but that is worth it to be able to upgrade in place and have a whole new distribution of Linux installed after it is all done.


In other news, I have updated my linux-configs page with the Xcdroast section removed due to that program being deprecated for a while now and I have replaced it with a section on Brasero instead. Also, I have been editing the WordPress admin files to fit them into my theme, but I might just change them back instead, as editing that is probably annoying my users. Having to re-install an operating system from the disc every time an upgrade is needed is quite brain dead as you need to copy all of your data back on to the hard disk after wards unless the /home folder is on a separate partition.

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