Ugandan space program is underway.

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Aircraft under construction

The Ugandan space program is all set after the announcement that space enthusiasts in the third world country are constructing a space shuttle that they are planning to put into space within six years. How they are going to actually get this contraption into space is a good question, The whole thing looks to be far too rickety to make even warp 2. The Star Trek Corp of engineers would condemn this design on the spot. I wish I knew how they intend to actually overcome the gravity of the Earth and lift this into orbit. The intention is admirable, but they want to simulate a low gravity environment by putting a jet engine aimed upwards in a tunnel and putting a person over the exhaust of the engine and they will be lifted up. And roasted alive. It is better to use a pool of water and put someone in a space suit and they do the work underwater and it simulates zero-g. it is hard to take this seriously when the backyard operators in the picture are building a craft that resembles the Scaled Composites craft they must have seen on television and thought to themselves that they would want to try that in their country. The craft in the picture above is actually a aircraft, but they are working on a space programme, so the intention is to get to space and the Ugandans are not going to give up until they meet that lofty goal.

Enterprise NCC 1701
Enterprise NX 01. Predecessor of the NCC 1701.

How long will it be until they have Starships? The Zefram Cochrane of the future might come from Uganda or maybe not, maybe this is a scam to weasel money out of gullible investors and not a worthwhile venture that will result in Africa going into space. The Chinese are more likely to go to space and it is not too likely that a poor African nation with not much in the way of the needed infrastructure to support a space programme. Sure there was Spacehip One, but that had much more money behind it and was not built in someone`s backyard. But I will wait and see what becomes of this plane and maybe it will evolve into a cool spacecraft, they might know what they are doing after all, but if I wanted a spaceship of my own it would be a warp capable ship like the Daedalus from Stargate Atlantis. With a warp drive installed, it would be able to reach Alpha Centauri in no time and enable exploration of the Milky Way.

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