Toddler run over and injured in China.

Posted: October 18, 2011. At: 5:51 PM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 2043
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I have noticed that recently when I write a blog post that is about something I feel strongly about it is not as angry as I used to write on my older posts, as this blog was imported from my old Blogger blog that I had years ago. I used to write differently back then compared to how I do now, but maybe I need to bring back the harder edge to my writing that I have lost in recent posts. There is much to be angry about these days, the Carbon tax for one that will push up the prices of everything including food and electricity to stop Carbon emissions and save the planet, even though the effect of lessening human emissions by the tiny amount the planners say we can is nothing compared to the pollution from China and India. China is the country where a toddler is run over by a van and no-one does anything to help the poor little thing. Chinese people are only allowed to have one child and this must be why they do not care about a little human being at all.

You will need a Youtube account to view the shocking video as it is intended for over 18 audiences. Please spread this post around and get more attention for this horrible crime. The little toddler who was hit had no chance and does not deserve to be ignored as is if the little body was just a discarded fast food wrapper or just another piece of road-kill. Hopefully the Chinese government can use their torture techniques perfected in Tibet to punish these inhuman people.

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