Telstra, Optus to begin Internet Censorship next month.

Posted: June 22, 2011. At: 7:19 AM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 1666
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Internet freedom under siege.
Internet freedom under siege.

The future of Internet freedom and freedom of speech in general is under threat after the announcement that Telstra & Optus unveiled plans to roll out Internet filtering systems. of course they say it is to stop child abuse material, but most of that is hidden in the deep web and not even accessible from Google or Yahoo searches anyway, so this will not stop the propagation of such material at all. This could slow down the web if the Internet filtering is fully implemented, and as I have said it will not stop the spread of any illegal content, if a website is blocked then it will reappear under a different Internet Protocol address or domain name and continue as normal. The best way to catch those who set up these websites and trade illegal material is to join them as the police do and then trace the members and then arrest everyone connected to the website. That is what is done in the real world and this must make a dent in the ranks of those sick people who partake in these depraved activities. We do not want the Internet to end up like the Chinese Internet with much material blocked that is not even harmful content. The comments on the website are overwhelmingly against this scheme. This is a good example:

Martin of Sanity Posted at 2:27 PM Today
Any attempt at government censorship is wrong. A corrupt government that tells lies for example would use a filter such as this to silence any opposition or contradictory opinion. This is a slippery slope! There are better approaches to managing inappropriate sites than infringing on peoples civil liberties, their right to choose. The Internet is now a shared human experience, in effect a super brain, censoring it is not unlike performing a surgical lobotomy. You never know what you might accidentally destroy. Google left China because of censorship, we all applauded, now we want to do the same thing here….! No More Nanny State !

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This will only serve to restrict Internet freedom and the freedom of the Internet allowing anyone for better or for worse to express their thoughts is one of it`s great strengths.

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