Supercomputers using Ubuntu.

Posted: April 15, 2011. At: 1:26 PM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 1269
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Windows disk errors.
Windows disk errors.

Just reading on Ars Technica about the HPU4Science scientific computation cluster that runs Ubuntu server to provide supercomputing cluster services to it`s users. Linux is the one choice for high performance computing, with 92% of the worlds supercomputers running on Linux. Linux or UNIX is a much better choice for server computing than Windows, *NIX operating systems have more stability and security than any Microsoft Windows operating system from Redmond. They can not create multiuser systems anymore, as the person in the video below says, Windows 2000 was a true multiuser operating system, but nowadays they are creating single user operating systems instead. Ubuntu is free and open-source and easy to install on any computer and you can be browsing the internet and using Friendface or MySpace right away, although Linux Mint 10 is better if you want to get codecs working right away. The best thing about Linux is it is easier to get DVD playback working. I tried that on Windows 7 Ultimate with Windows Media Player 12 and I could play a DVD as it needed the DVD codec to play a DVD. That is annoying and I had to install VLC to play back the disc. On Debian I have libdvdcss and then I can play a disc with Totem or VLC perfectly well right away. And the Gnome desktop on Debian is faster than the Windows 7 Ultimate desktop with the Windows Classic theme. That is why Linux is better than Windows, it has more speed and the aforementioned reliability on it`s side.

That is freedom for you, if there was no free software the world would be a very dark place, dominated by Bill Gates and the Microsoft Corporation with their annoying and bug prone software that is only a conduit for viruses. I only use Windows like the guy in the video, to run software that will not run on Linux. And Windows Media Center is very good for watching TV. This is an inspiring story, High school students have sent a balloon up into the atmosphere to take photos of sites on the ground, it is awesome to see that some people are not afraid of science and are giving their students a proper encouraging scientific education which is sadly lacking in America at the moment. Video Footage This is a link to the video, showing a time-lapse of the balloon trip up to stratospheric heights. Pretty awesome too. America needs more scientific minds and less American Idol and Superbowl which is only a distraction from the real world of war and poisoned media that is brainwashing the sheeple to follow sports stars and singers instead of those who actually want to change the world for the better and effect scientific breakthroughs and maybe cure Diabetes or Cancer. That will a change for the better indeed, but most of┬ácivilization is too far gone to care, they will be tuning into the 3D royal wedding and applauding that instead of ending war and removing the bankers that are selling off America and Australia to foreign powers in China. America will collapse before any of the sheeple ever wake up. We need to bring back science to the forefront of society not Justin Beiber and Twilight! And in closing, if Ubuntu is good enough for supercomputing then no wonder it is so popular and widely used in the world today especially in Brazil. Embrace software freedom whenever possible eve if you are using Windows, you can use Libreoffice and vlc to play media if you want to, I will be using it to play my DVD’s as it does an awesome job.

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