Student built satellites go to space.

Posted: March 25, 2011. At: 2:00 AM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 1135
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“Some students from the Cockrell School of Engineering in Austin, Texas have built, developed, launched, and operated two historic satellites. The FASTRAC satellites make up the first small-scale satellite system which is composed of two separate spacecraft that can communicate to each other. On March 22, the single FASTRAC satellite successfully separated into two smaller spacecraft that are currently operating and communicating with each other. While separation and communication has occurred between paired satellites before, this is the first time it has been done with such a small platform (the FASTRAC spacecraft weigh approximately 60 lbs.). Furthermore, this is the first time a student-designed and built space system has been composed of two separate spacecraft that can interact with each other. One of the most impressive things about this mission is that it was done incredibly cheap, at $250,000, which is far below the costs associated with traditional spacecraft.”

Two student built satellites with a budget of $250,000 USD have gone into orbit. A great accomplishment for the budget, it used to cost much more than this to send up a satellite and they did it for far less. With NASA facing budget cuts and the moon mission seemingly on the backburner it is good to see that private enterprise can conquer space. The original tapes of the Apollo moon missions were erased and re-used, maybe NASA could not afford new ones and had to tape over the most important footage ever recorded, or maybe they did film it in a studio and could not risk the high quality footage getting out to the public. If China or India reach the moon then maybe we will see what it really looks like. Having a red Chinese flag next to the American flag would be awesome.

This footage is of the original NASA moon landing in 1969, the footage is terrible quality, but that is 1969 for you the high quality footage as I said was erased deliberately by NASA for some unknown reason, if I had footage like that I would keep it safe and not destroy it for no real reason other than to cover up the truth. If things like this happen like the weather balloon explanation for the Roswell incident, then people will not believe it and will find another explanation for what happened hence the aliens story of Roswell and the excremental TV series named after the town where the crash of something happened. Therefore with the moon landing there is no high quality footage or any modern images of the lower half of the lander on the moon to prove the moon landing happened, so you get all of the conspiracy theorists coming out of the woodwork and saying that it was filmed in a studio by Stanley Kubrick. He did an awesome job on the movie `2001` the moon scenes where extremely realistic. You could see the rear projection screen in the scenes with the apes but the rest of the movie was incredible, but does not make much sense unless you have read the book first.

But the book ended at Saturn whereas the movie was set around Jupiter instead. The stargate in the book was on the Saturnian moon Iapetus, whereas the movie stargate was floating in space.

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