Space shuttle and International Space Station photographed together.

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Space shuttle and International Space Station photographed together.
Space shuttle and International Space Station photographed together.

The International Space Station and the Space Shuttle Endeavour have been photographed together for the first time, showing the relative size of the International Space Station. This is the second last space shuttle voyage for the venerable Space Shuttle that has served the United States very well during it`s long life. Now the US will be reliant on Russian rockets until they can construct another lift vehicle that can replace the ageing Space Shuttle. The last flight is scheduled for early July this year. The amazing photograph was taken from the Russian Soyuz TMA-20 which landed in Kazakhstan later that day. I just finished reading the incredible book Jupiter by Ben Bova and that described a race of gigantic sea creatures that lived in an ocean deep down in Jupiter`s atmosphere, they where intelligent creatures that were composed of a huge colony of creatures that live together as one gigantic creature 10 kilometres wide. The humans reached this depth despite the immense pressure by a disc shaped submarine that was filled with Perffluorocarbon that the crew compartment was also filled with, meaning the crew were immersed in oxygenated fluid and this meant that the ship could survive the 8 times Earth gravity and the immense pressures existing deep in the Jovian atmosphere. This is the same technology as used in saturation diving as seen in the movie Abyss where the hero could dive down 22,000 feet and not be crushed by the huge water pressure at that depth.

This is why we need Space travel, it would be awesome to be able to explore the atmosphere of Jupiter and see what life could exist there, although it would not be for a very long time as the technology needed to reach those depths does not exist yet. But we can not always predict what the future will hold can we?

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