Sony PS3 jailbreak hack.

Posted: February 8, 2011. At: 11:46 PM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 981
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erk: C0 CE FE 84 C2 27 F7 5B D0 7A 7E B8 46 50 9F 93 B2 38 E7 70 DA CB 9F F4 A3 88 F8 12 48 2B E2 1B
riv: 47 EE 74 54 E4 77 4C C9 B8 96 0C 7B 59 F4 C1 4D
pub: C2 D4 AA F3 19 35 50 19 AF 99 D4 4E 2B 58 CA 29 25 2C 89 12 3D 11 D6 21 8F 40 B1 38 CA B2 9B 71 01 F3 AE B7 2A 97 50 19
R: 80 6E 07 8F A1 52 97 90 CE 1A AE 02 BA DD 6F AA A6 AF 74 17
n: E1 3A 7E BC 3A CC EB 1C B5 6C C8 60 FC AB DB 6A 04 8C 55 E1
K: BA 90 55 91 68 61 B9 77 ED CB ED 92 00 50 92 F6 6C 7A 3D 8D
Da: C5 B2 BF A1 A4 13 DD 16 F2 6D 31 C0 F2 ED 47 20 DC FB 06 70

“Sony is threatening to sue anybody posting or ‘distributing’ the first full-fledged
jailbreak code for the 4-year-old PlayStation 3 gaming console. What’s more, the
company is demanding that a federal judge order Google to surrender the IP addresses
and other identifying information (PDF) of those who have viewed or commented about
the jailbreak video on a private YouTube page. The game maker is also demanding that
Twitter provide the identities of a host of hackers who first unveiled a limited version
of the hack in December.”

Sony are now going after users who want to jailbreak consoles they have paid for themselves. A hacker named George Hotz has published a hack that enables jailbreaking the Sony Playstation 3 console. This on top of audio CD rootkits and god knows what other firmware modifications they have released to stop people doing what they want to do with their own console. Please spread this code and enable free speech, a few lines of code are not illegal.

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