Sony PS3 firmware v3.56 includes rootkit.

Posted: February 1, 2011. At: 2:33 PM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 933
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Google translated page from Dutch.

Sony have added a root-kit into the v3.56 firmware that can access the files on your PS3 and see what files are on it. Say goodbye to privacy of your own files that you have stored on your PS3.

According to developer Mathieulh, the official PS3 firmware v3.56 is said to contain a rootkit which allow Sony to perform remote code execution upon connection to the PlayStation network. What this means is that Sony can scan for specific files on your PS3 console—such as custom firmwares and hombrew applications—and send a report back to the company. Whether this is legal or not is yet to be determined but be careful what you put on your PS3.

Originally Posted by N.A:

For those who are curious about the new PS3 security, it seems Sony has implemented something in 3.56 I mentioned here a few weeks ago that is the same as Microsoft uses to detect and ban 360’s.

Mathieulh just posted about it on IRC.

Essentially Sony can now remotely execute code on the PS3 as soon as you connect. This can do whatever Sony wants it to do such as verifying system files or searching for homebrew. Sony can change the code and add new detection methods without any firmware updates and as the code executes remotely there is no reliable way to forge the replies.

Whilst it is possible to patch or remove this code from the firmware this will likely mean the end of playing CFW online (as PSN can just check before login that this is active) or at the very least mean it will be even easier for Sony to detect and ban users.

Judging from the fact that people can still connect using the proxy method it seems Sony hasn’t activated any of this yet but the functions are there in the new firmware.

Originally Posted by IRC:

Jan 27 14:44:32 3.56 has nice new stuffs in there 😛
Jan 27 14:44:43 like remote code execution upon login
Jan 27 14:44:45 They will just release patches so people who have hacked cant go online
Jan 27 14:44:46 yummy 😛
Jan 27 14:44:50 WAT
Jan 27 14:45:00 RFE built-in the fw!?
Jan 27 14:45:25 3.56 pretty much has a built in psn rootkit
Jan 27 14:45:30 dude, that’s the only stuff i’d be afraid of
Jan 27 14:45:31 don’t tell me I haven’t warned you
Jan 27 14:45:43 psn rootkit ?
Jan 27 14:46:05 but if we could rip-off the fw that shit would be erased
Jan 27 14:46:20 that was the only thing stopped sony to _auto_ update your fw
Jan 27 14:46:22 noone it’s not that simple
Jan 27 14:46:29 the server awaits a proper reply
Jan 27 14:46:34 and that reply isn’t in the firmware

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