Sabayon Linux rules over Ubuntu.

Posted: January 12, 2011. At: 6:38 AM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 868
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Entropy package management.

I am using Sabayon Linux on my PC now, enjoying the benefits of using Open Source software without the hassles of installing codecs like you need to do with Ubuntu and Linux Mint. I only had to install the libdvdcss package from the source tarball and I was playing a DVD right away without having to setup a heap of various codecs and gstreamer packages. This is awesome, Sabayon Linux is based on Gentoo Linux and it can use either the gentoo emerge command to install software or the entropy packaging system. It includes the gcc and g++ packages by default, so you can start programming right away, and I really do not mind using the KDE 4 desktop once I worked out how to change the theme. I am dual booting with Windows XP SP3, but it is good to be able to use Linux whenever I need to.

I had a problem with Sabayon Linux where Xorg would load up and only go to 1024*768 resolution, but I worked out that you can press CTRL-Alt->F2 and login to the text console as root and then type cd /etc/X11 and then type rm -f xorg.conf. After that, type ps ax and look for the kdm process and kill that with kill -9 and type ps ax again to ensure that kdm and Xorg is not running. Then type kdm to start the login manager once more and the resolution should be much higher after that. I have found out that the xorg.conf.sabayon file is copied to xorg.conf, so I have put settings in that file so when it is copied to the xorg.conf on bootup it will work. I downloaded the source tarball of GNU Midnight Commander and built and installed that package and I now have a proper file manager. I can use vlc to watch Digital TV and Clementine to listen to my music, most of the television is flood coverage, most of the state of Queensland is covered in a massive area of water, destroying towns and washing away farmland and washing boats and cars out into the ocean. This is an unbelievable event we do not get floods like this every year that is for sure, even the 1974 flood is nothing compared to this disaster.

The pictures above are of the 1974 flood which in Wagga Wagga NSW gave us a 10.75m flood, which still stands as the record, the December 2010 floods were only 9.6m. This event will go down in history as one of the worst disasters to hit Australia in recent history. We can only hope there is not too much loss of life and that our prayers are going to those affected.

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