Raw Video: Russian Soyuz craft Docks With Space Station.

Posted: June 10, 2011. At: 9:39 AM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 1635
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This is excellent footage of the Russian Soyuz spacecraft docking with the International Space Station on Thursday. This ends a two-day trip for the Soyuz spacecraft that launched from Kazakhstan. The capsule was carrying 3 astronauts from three countries. This is awesome to watch as a Sci-Fi geek I always wanted to go into space and see the sights of Earth from orbit, but I might have to just watch these videos instead. The future is in space not stuck on this planet, if we could terraform other planets and live there our civilisation would be more enduring and if a natural disaster such as an asteroid or other enormous catastrophe was to strike the Earth and wipe out life on the planet at least there would still be some humans living in the Mars colony or the moon base that would endure, provided they were self-sufficient. That is why we need space exploration and human colonies on Mars and the Moon, to help make sure that we are not just wiped out before our time. That will bring humanity into a new technological age, free of the current restraints of war and religion that are currently holding the human race back from reaching our true potential. But anyway, the space station is a good step forward, but we need a Moon base to really start exploring space, a radio telescope on the dark side of the Moon would be the greatest thing we could build, free of any radiation from Earth you could really start to receive some incredible observations from the Universe around us.

A base on Mars would be even better, that planet has huge amounts of water in permafrost, you would just need to heat the planet by increasing the levels of CO2 and the permafrost would melt and there would be a huge flood of life giving water that would fill the lowlands and give a huge area of ocean for sailing and irrigation. Why are we not doing this? And the water would not be salty AFAIK, so it would not need desalination like Earths ocean water requires.

Mars with oceans.
Mars with oceans.

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