OpenSuse upgrade finished.

Posted: March 19, 2011. At: 7:14 AM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 1115
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The update to Opensuse 11.4 is all done, I had to download 1.89 Gigabytes of data, but it was worth it to update all of my software at once and reboot into the all new and improved software I now have. There are a couple of bugs with wine, but other than that it works perfectly and the best thing is that it included Firefox 4 beta 12 which is not far off from the impending final release of Firefox. The GIMP is updated to version 2.6.11 and Gnome is version 2.32.1. it is incredible that the update went so smoothly, now I know I can update the installation and not have to worry about getting hold of the 4.3 Gigabyte DVD iso and burning that to a disc and installing it. The simple upgrade process is a better and less painful option, as long as you can leave your system running for that long. Sure there is some controversy over the Novell ownership of Suse but I really do not care at all, the distribution works so well and it includes so much software that it still is a better alternative to Windows and is free from malware and spyware that has plagued closed source operating systems since the dawn of time.

The link above is to a forum posting that explains how to install all of the restricted codecs and DVD playback libraries to enable multimedia playback on SUSE Linux. Just select your version of SUSE and follow the commands and then DVD and MP3 playback will work like a charm.

And this link is the original posting that explained how to upgrade my version of SUSE to 11.4 in the first place.

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