New Ubuntu HUD to enable context search of menus.

Posted: January 28, 2012. At: 12:14 AM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 2542
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This is a video showcasing the new HUD, or Heads Up Display that the Ubuntu developers have created. This requires the Unity desktop though… Instead of browsing the menus, you just type in the HUD that you bring down with the Alt key and this allows you to search the applications menus for whatever function you desire. Is this better than the accursed ribbon that Office 2007  was lumped with? I am glad I switched to KDE 4.8 on Ubuntu 12.04, that is unlike previous releases of KDE 4, it is as fast as lightning with the kubuntu-low-fat-settings_11.10ubuntu3_all.deb package added, that will trim down the desktop and switch off unnecessary services to give you a light and fast KDE desktop. The HUD will be a very controversial feature of the upcoming Ubuntu releases. I installed the packages, then I remembered I had un-installed the Gnome/Unity packages leaving only the base packages allowing GTK applications to work with my other Xfce desktop. Unity is an abomination, and they are wanting to make it even worse. How would this work with Gvim or Emacs?

Leave your thoughts below if you wish, this will be quite interesting to say the least.

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I sertatd using Ubuntu back to using Windows for several years. I really like the unit, and the Ubuntu Software Centre. There is so much better since I’ve used. Great videos keep the spirit of the water:)

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