New Doom map.

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I am making another Doom map. This one is for Ultimate Doom and is a hellish base run by the Demons.

Skin hell room with a invulnerability powerup and some Imps.

You can see some screenshots here, with a shot of the skin hell room and some Imps guarding a invulnerability powerup. This map does not have a name yet, but it is coming along very well indeed and Doom Builder 2 makes it so easy to put together a map, much easier than using DCK and MSDOS 6.2… They were the days, but that was unstable and unreliable, due to the DOS operating system, which was not perfect by any means. The DCK editor had a good texture alignment feature that allowed you to select a sector and align all textures within that area. But now Doom Builder 2 has the 3D fly through mode which makes the whole process of making a map super fast. I have also used the Zeth Zdoom editor, but that is much like Yadex, and is not as easy to use.

Editing Doom.

A shot of the monsters guarding the exit area.Doom is fun to edit for though as any modern computer can run a OpenGL source port at 1600*1200 pixels resolution and there are quality 3D models and high resolution texture packs to improve the quality of the Doom experience. Jdoom and Doomsday are a couple of awesome Doom source ports. Zdoom is another good source port that works on modern versions of Windows. Chocolate Doom is a source port that is emulating all of the features and quirks of the classic Doom.exe. And it is available on Linux and Windows. The only thing you cannot do with that is record Compet-n demos, they only accept demos recorded with the actual Doom.exe. The fact that Doom is still popular today after about 16 years says a lost about the longevity of this classic First Person Shooter.

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