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I am enjoying using Linux now that there is even more malicious software attacking Windows 7. Sure that operating system is good, but it is very annoying to have to constantly update Windows with security patches and update virus definitions all of the time, we should be free of this by now, if Microsoft could develop a proper operating system free of viruses and Mal-ware. But that will not happen for a very long time. The code below is the .xsession file I am using, I have a custom desktop now using the Tint2 bar, and the Fluxbox window manager, giving me a very fast and reliable desktop. I tried out Crunchbang Linux in a previous posting and it had a similar desktop, so I thought I would try and copy that on Linux Mint. Save this as .xsession to your home folder and see for yourself.

# Load your X Resource defaults, if you have them...
if [ -f $HOME/.Xdefaults ]; then
  xrdb -merge $HOME/.Xdefaults
tint2 &
nm-applet &
# Get just the first part of the machine's full hostname, I like
# this as an xload label...  Note the BACKquotes used here!
SHORTHOST=`hostname | sed 's/\..*//'`
# Display a graph of the system load
xload -geometry 70x70-1+68 -fg SteelBlue -bg black -hl blue -fn fixed -label $SHORTHOST &
# Launch an xterm so we have someplace to type...
xterm -bg black -fg green -cr white -ls -geometry 80x25+0+0 &
xsetroot -solid DarkSlateGrey
exec fluxbox

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