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Posted: November 18, 2010. At: 3:29 AM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 694
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Updating the sources.lst as I write this, it is taking a long time, but I am using the Town Library connection with WIFI and it is only about 64K per second, so updating the aforementioned file with apt-get update takes quite a while to run. I wish Australia could get a super fast broadband system that is about 500 Megabits per second, that would be much better than the 100 Megabits per second 4G system proposed by Telstra. I would not knock that back, but it is not as fast as world leaders like south Korea that would have 1 Gigabit per second. I want to be able to download a movie or a Ubuntu *.iso image in about 10 seconds instead of it taking ages to download, I would be happy then. I remember using a 28.8 Kilobits per second modem, then I moved up to 56 Kilobits per second, which was actually 48 kilobits per second. Those were the days my friend, when you could take hours to download even relatively small files, nowadays I have seen dial-up connections advertised with unlimited downloads as it would take you way too long to torrent a movie with a 56K connection anyway. Unless you are really a masochist and enjoy downloading a 700 MB movie for about 2 weeks.

With a fast Korean connection you could download a movie in about 2 minutes, nowadays that would take a few seconds, dwarfing the Australian Internet. Sure in the city you can get a fast connection but not so much here in the country, we mostly get 20 Megabits per second on a fast ADSL +2 connection. After installing Knoppix and checking out the software it is clear to me that I should not be wasting my time with Ubuntu, if I can use this superior distribution instead, as it is stable and fast as well as fun to use. When it boots up it boots straight into the Lxde desktop and there does not seem to be a way to load GDM before you enter the desktop, it just boots into runlevel 5 and that is that. Another thing I need to get off my chest is that the bloggers on the Internet who are against Linux are the ones who are so illiterate they have to resort to swearing not to mention bad grammar and spelling, whereas the ones who are knowledgeable about GNU/Linux are the ones with more professional websites and who understand the Linux operating system more intimately and can use the technical terms and actually know what they are talking about, this is important when you want visitors and want to be taken seriously. If you know what you are on about and can show that then you can get visitors and it does not help to be down on Windows all the time, I have used Windows since Windows 3.0 and I have used Windows 7 and Windows Server 2003. That OS is not perfect, but Windows 2003 at least works with the Gigabyte H55 motherboard very well. It is like Windows XP but you can only use the Windows Classic theme, but the splash startup screen is the Windows XP one, it just reads Windows 2003. Summing up, if you want to attack Linux at least compile some better bullet points before posting your uninformed rantings.

With Linux though you can re-compile the Kernel and update the Kernel to the latest version and on Linux Mint 9 you just do the compilation and installation and type sudo update-grub then re-boot and you boot straight into the new kernel. I built mine for a Core 2 Duo as the Kernel 2.6.36 setup did not have support for the Core i3 CPU. But Linux Mint 9 on a Gigabyte H55 Motherboard and 2GB of RAM and a Core i3 CPU is blazingly fast, faster than Windows. If Windows 7 was this fast then it would be something, but it is not as secure. There is new malware out now that can bypass the Windows driver signing and install itself, making Windows 7 even more vulnerable to attack than before. But if Linux was even more popular than Windows it would be more susceptible as there would be a ton of malware scripts on the Internet that would attack Linux installations and those who would click on attachments in E-Mail without checking them. But what would be the equivalent of Bonzibuddy for Ubuntu? There was a screensaver for KDE that had malware in it, but that would have been taken down pretty soon after being discovered. I have to say though that the Windows 7 Powershell is awesome and has a few UNIX commands in it and is a good step up from the DOS Command Prompt.

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