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Red moon desert.
Red moon desert.

I have been busy looking for another place to stay as the rental property I was staying at was renovating. But anyway, I have been asked to write more about the Dooming history I have, I wrote about that in my last blog post and I included a snippet from my article on Doom here, you should read this, it will fill you in on my history playing the best game ever made. I started playing it on a 486 IBM PC, that is nothing compared to what we have now, but it was a treat to have any PC back then, even a 386 which ran Doom sluggishly compared to the superiour 486 sx/33, the beast of the 486 world. Sure the 486 DX4/100 was better, but so was the Pentium II and Pentium 3. The Pentium 4 is still going strong, I have seen them up to 3.06 GHZ, slower than a 2.93GHZ i3 CPU, even though the raw numbers are smaller, the power of the chip is in the multiple cores.

This video shows someone running Doom on a 486 laptop, not the best quality, but it shows a demo in E2M4, then gameplay in E1M1. I have used a 486 laptop once, I had the Team TNT Boom engine running in the DOS environment that came with Windows 95, as I had deleted the OS from the hard disk and just kept the DOS shell to run Doom. That was fun… Everyone should play Doom. It is available from Steam so get into it. I wonder about the state of humanity in the year 100 Billion, would we, after storing our conciousness in the lattice of hyperspace, still retain our humanity? I read an interesting article about this on a website The Last Question. Where humanity failed to reverse the rate of entropy before the end of the universe by heat death. An incredible read, check it out and get back to me with your thoughts.I think that the inevitable end of the whole universe will result in us escaping to another Universe that is younger than our own and will give us another several trillion years before we have to do it again. In the linked story the characters had colonized every galaxy in the universe and were still running out of room, that is mind-blowing, you cannot imagine a population that large, and the kind of technology that enabled hyperspace data connections and a computer so large it’s consciousness enveloped the whole universe and could see it all at once. But who knows what we will be doing in the year 5 Billion let alone the year 5 trillion. it is impossible to imagine what the future holds for us, but we need to make sure there still is an Earth in the future, I know that the Sun will burn out and become a white dwarf and then a supermassive Neutron star with a surface gravity of 100.000.000 times the gravity of Earth. That would be interesting if it became possible to go to the surface.

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