Minority Report coming true? Is this movie precognition of a dystopian future?

Posted: November 1, 2010. At: 11:49 PM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 651
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Minority Report computer interface.
Minority Report computer interface.

Are we seeing Minority Report technology appearing now? We already have super powerful computers and cameras in the streets watching people as they go about their business, how long will it be until we have pre-cogs performing pre-crime duties and monitoring what people do? But now some of the gadgets predicted in the movie already exist. the roll-up flexible screens are being worked on and the gesture based computers are already here with Sony unveiling controller-less play for the Playstation. That would be tiring but cool, and the gamers would get more exercise as well as having fun. And pre-crime software has been released and is being used by the British Police to calculate where the next crime could be committed based on a variety of factors. Although in the popular TV show The Bill it is usually in a housing estate, but I digress, this technology would of course be driven by the huge defense budget that would demand better technology like thin roll-up screens that would be good for officers and soldiers in the field.


Hollywood is falling and can nothing stop it? Hollywood movies are always the same these days and are using 3D to squeeze more entertainment out of the action genre that is popular these days, George Lucas is thinking of re-making the original Star Wars movies in 3D. The movies are perfect as they are and he is thinking of re-making them? Why does he not make new movies instead of following the Hollywood trend of re-making every movie in sight. It will never end they will re-make Nosferatu even, maybe starring Edward from Twilight. I just want Hollywood to make more innovative movies that are actually worth watching and not the same stuff over and over again, is that too hard for them to manage, or have they run out of ideas. Considering they make horrible movies like the SAW films that id probably the case. Very old movies like The curse of the mummy’s tomb did not need heaps of gore to be frightening. The psychological aspect of the images portrayed and the skill of the director would make the movie scary. Nowadays it is all about the cheap gore and splatter. Getting back to the tech in movies though; the Matrix Revolutions film had a realistic depiction of the use of the UNIX command-line and the utilities like SSH.

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