Megaupload data could be erased for good very soon.

Posted: January 31, 2012. At: 3:51 PM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 2589
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The filesharing website Megaupload is to have all the data seized by the authorities deleted very soon. This website hosted many legitimate files on this file hosting service and now they are to be erased for good with no real chance for the users to get their data back. All of this to fight piracy of copyrighted files on the Internet. There is the possibility of a lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of Investigation over the lost files, but it seems that they will never be recovered. This is a lesson to keep a local copy of all file you have backed up onto websites like this or any cloud service like Dropbox, or Windows Live Skydrive. That way, if the server rack mounted machines are seized and you lose the files that were on the hard drives, then you still have a local copy. Backing up your files locally is a good solution, you could purchase a 2TB external hard disk drive from Officeworks and then use that to backup your files. Putting a 2TB SATA hard disk into a nice cooled casing like this: This actually would be better than the cheap Officeworks enclosure as that one has no vents for cooling a large hard drive and this will shorten its life. But taking that enclosure apart and removing the 2 terabyte hard disk and putting it into your computer or a better enclosure is a much better option and is very easy as long as you are careful.


use strict;
use POSIX;

my $date = strftime "%T-%A-%d-%B-%Y-%H:%M:%S", localtime;

my $myhome=getenv("HOME"); # Your home folder.

print "Backup beginning\n\n";

my $FILE="/media/Mybackups/$date.tgz"; # where the output file goes.

my $TARGET="$myhome/Documents/"; # What folder to back up.

`tar -cjPf $FILE $TARGET`;

print "Backup Complete\n";
Stop SOPA.
Stop SOPA.

The above code is a backup script I wrote in Perl ages ago. This will backup a set folder to a compressed file on an external hard disk drive. A very good way to keep your files backed up if you add it to a Cron job that runs every week or every day. hopefully the Megaupload customers will get their data back, somehow otherwise they stand to lose files they did not have local copies of. By all means use a backup service on the Internet to keep backups, but keep local copies as well. There is more information on the Megaupload shut-down here. The Rapidshare website is still up and the 4shared website as well, it is not clear if these other popular websites are going to be shut down or if they will continue trading as usual. This is why the SOPA/SIPA bills as well as the ACTA bill must be defeated by the people, otherwise any website such as Facebook that links to copyright infringing content will be in danger. This is what they want, they want to take away the right to have intelligent and free commentary on your website as the posters of the comments could link to some pirated content and this would force the website to be shut down. This is the reality of the ACTA bill that will restrict freedom of speech. That is why you must make everyone you can aware of the SOPA/SIPA and ACTA bills.

Together we can stop these bills and preserve Internet freedom before it is too late.

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