Macbook air security is lacking.

Posted: March 12, 2011. At: 5:27 AM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 1085
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According to the posting linked above, the Macbook Air has quite limited security by default, very worrying when the firewall is turned off by default, but that can be rectified after booting up, but why would you have auto-login enabled when this will reduce security?

anyway, after the tragic earthquake and resulting tsunami that has struck the island of japan, and caused untold death and destruction I am not sure of what else to say other than to express sincere condolences to the victims families and hope that they can re-build and move on from this disaster. I was watching the disaster coverage on the live CNN feed all night and I was shocked by what was happening, this is happening more and more nowadays and we all should move inland and stay away from low lying coastlines. the wave when it came in was gigantic and goes to show that you do not need a very high wave to carry buildings and cars along. The most shocking thig to happen is the damage to the nuclear reactors and the possibility for a release of dangerous radiation. I hope they can get that under control and save the plants, having a release of radiation that affected Japan or another country would be just as tragic as the quake itself.

This story on Slashdot is very interesting, talking about the worst computer scenes in movies or TV. I would have to vote for the CSI series as some of the posters on /. have already, truly the worst TV dialogue ever, and any movie showing “hacking” that always gets it wrong in the depiction, you can not get into a computer by using spinning 3D graphics to write programs that is not how computers work at all. And I hate it when the computer makes a noise whenever you do anything with it, that would be very annoying in real life. I agree that the original Wargames movie was a good one and the Dead Code really was a poor film throughout, but it was rather like Eagle Eye with the evil computer taking charge of the military hardware. Still movie computers are more stable than real life ones, I was trying to edit this post in the Chromium browser and it crashed when I clicked save draft. Firefox is a better web browser and is very stable in the 3.6.13 version. My debian installation has iceweasel 3.5.17 which is just as good as the 3.6.13 release and as I have stated far more stable and has many useful extensions.

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