Lord of the Rings & Linux.

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I have just bought Lord of the Rings The Two Towers on DVD and it is amazing how much stuff they cut out of the theatrical release of the films. Especially Sam & Pippin discovering Sarumans stash of food and Longbottom leaf. This blog is still going ahead despite all of the haters and trolls I seem to attract, but with the spam interception I have, my visitors will not see those posts anyway, and I am not upset anymore about losing the contents of my database, I am surging ahead and loving testing new Linux distributions and Linux software.

Dead Man in boat.
Dead Man in boat.

This scene is a good one from the movie and very dramatic as well, and also the meeting of Denethor with Faramir and Boromir. That was a good scene, the fact that Denethor favoured Boromir over Faramir is quite dramatic and it is not to his favour that Boromir was lost to the Orcs. But the Fellowship of the Ring in the book had the Barrow Wights capturing Frodo and Sam and Frodo. O Elbereth Gilthoneil!

I just wish that Windows XP would work as well as Linux does, there are websites attacking Linux, but they are mostly FUD and full of poorly researched information. You can not expect a person raised on Windows to fully understand Linux at all, they have never installed something like FreeBSD or Debian before and do not know how to set up something like that at all and get the most out of it. 50% of my website visitors are using Firefox, so there are some free software users right there, and most use Windows, but they are still using free open source software when using Firefox. But Linux for me works better than Windows and is more stable and reliable. I have a 7 port USB2.0 hub and Windows, when I have my external hard drive connected to it seems to go to sleep and then wake up the drive and there are read errors and the mouse cursor freezes, which never happens on Linux. Linux 1 Windows 0. I prefer Gentoo, Ubuntu or Sabayon to Windows.

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