Linux running on an Apple Iphone?

Posted: January 22, 2012. At: 1:34 PM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 2508
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Just found this post on the Linux Journal website, apparently there is work underway to port a 2.6 Linux kernel to boot on an Apple Iphone allowing a Linux based operating system to run on the Iphone. Google have the Linux based Android operating system running on a range of mobile phones and this effort will allow Linux to take over Apple hardware. Running Ubuntu with Gnome Shell on an Ipad would be pretty useful. The Gnome Shell interface is meant for tablet computers anyway and this is just another way of getting Linux onto mainstream devices. You would wonder why would you want Linux on an Iphone, but this would allow many more uses for the ubiquitous Apple Iphone. And it would be more secure than the Apple IOS after all. I hope they do get Linux working on the Ipad, that would be very useful. Linux Mint 12 with the Gnome Shell interface is the best implementation of this new interface, with a top and bottom panel whilst keeping the familiar Gnome Shell applications menu that has a very tablet oriented menu style with large icons. More information on the Linux Journal website. And this video here that shows Linux booting on an Iphone.

This is a nice innovation, I guess that an Ipad would give you more screen space, you could have a touch keyboard on the screen allowing you to enter commands into the Linux bash shell on the Ipad. I prefer a keyboard and mouse, but I can see how cool it would be to be able to run Linux on Apple hardware. I hope this is successful, the Ipad 2 would be a perfect Linux machine.

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