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Posted: November 27, 2010. At: 4:41 AM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 734
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I wish someone would bring an open source Nvidia driver to the Linux operating system. I hate having to use a binary installer you have to download and run to install the drivers, when you could just have the driver code in the kernel. I know it is not hard to install as long as you have the build-essential packages installed, but I want a better option. The open source noveau driver that Fedora uses is supposed to be a replacement, but it is only a alpha status project yet as far as 3D acceleration is concerned but it is a step in the right direction. See the Wiki here: they are moving ahead with more support for various graphics cards and the 3D support is not implemented yet but this is the future. Ideally, there would be open source software for everything but the sad reality is that Nvidia will not release the source code for their drivers so we need to hack together a open source driver. But having the open source driver for Nvidia in the kernel source code and selectable in the make menuconfig screen, then you just need to enable it and compile and install the new kernel bzImage and have the 3D Nvidia driver already built and available under /lib/modules and that would be the easiest way to get the drivers, the kernels distributed with the distributions like Ubuntu and Linux Mint would have it enabled by default as a module and it would be loaded as needed, but you might need different versions of the module to cater for different versions of the Nvidia cards. 3D support in the nouveau drivers is coming together, but is still not useable unless you are a tester. Once this is completed, we only need a good open source flash plugin for Linux and everything will be fine, I am looking forward to using a totally free Linux system without having to install binary drivers, that taint the kernel like the Nvidia driver does. The Gnash project is looking good in this respect, I am about to try the open source flash plugin and I will report back with my verdict.

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