Linux Mint 10 installation is very smooth.

Posted: February 21, 2011. At: 10:32 AM. This was 7 years ago. Post ID: 1002
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The installation of Linux Mint 10 is very easy and when it starts the partitioning and package installation is already under way whilst you are setting up your date-time and user information and setting your user password. I have installed it on my laptop and desktop machines and it is very fast and reliable indeed. I had Ubuntu 10.10 on the laptop but that was a right royal pain compared to the Linux Mint ease of use. I have installed and used FreeBSD, Debian and Arch Linux, but I love the Linux Mint desktop, it is secure and free from viruses and malware that plague Windows machines. I have the Linux Mint 10 version, not the Linux Mint Debian edition, but I do want to try out the Debian/kFreeBSD system that has the Debian distribution with a FreeBSD kernel. That would be interesting to try and easier to set up than FreeBSD itself.

Nexenta is a distribution that has the Open Solaris kernel and the Ubuntu 8.10 distribution. That is also an interesting choice, but Debian is an old and very reliable distribution, Ubuntu and Linux Mint are using the Debian apt system for package management and this works very well with easy package installation with the simple apt-get install mc command. Anyway, I highly recommend the Linux Mint 10 distribution and hope to see more of my website visitors using it. The attacks against the Wikileaks website continue with the site suffering Denial of Service attacks in lieu of the release of secret US government documents.  But the US government is just afraid of being held to account, they are calling for sanctions and action against other countries but are afraid of others shining the light on the US. This is common for the US, formerly the bastion of freedom, but now the home of surveillance and cancer causing naked body scanners and fascist TSA thugs in the airports. Like 1984.

War Logs website that organised some of the earlier Wikileaks
Wikileaks has previously released documents relating to Iraq and Afghanistan.

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