Linux is 20 years old today!

Posted: August 26, 2011. At: 6:16 AM. This was 6 years ago. Post ID: 1867
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The best thing about Debian at the moment is not that the Unity/Gnome3 desktop is in absentia, it is that it is the most stable and secure distribution of the Linux operating system. I have used other distributions of Linux and I am promoting Ubuntu quite a bit even though I am not running that distribution at all. Debian is the father of Ubuntu and Linux Mint and they it does not have any of the horrible quirks of Ubuntu like the bloated and demanding Unity desktop interface, that is too much like Mac OS X. It would be better in Unity if you could have a more Mac like dock on the bottom of the screen instead of the vertical bar on the left. Apparently you hold down the ALT key to customise the toolbars on the Gnome 3 desktop, but that is not as intuitive as the old Gnome 2 desktop where you right-click on the applets and you can move them around. But just install Xfce and that can replace Gnome perfectly well, I am sure that Xubuntu will still be around and will be quite adequate for the task of providing a usable Linux desktop with a very easy to use desktop interface.

In other news, it is 20 years ago today that the Linux operating system was born, 20 years ago when Linus Torvalds posted the famous message to comp.os.minix telling the world that he was working on a small project that would not be big and professional like Minix, but was just a hobby. Who knew how popular this free operating system would turn out to be. With large companies like Red Hat behind Linux and the enormous popularity of the Ubuntu distribution, Linux has moved ahead into many arenas with many websites on the Internet like mine powered by Linux and Apache, the free operating system is a very good and reliable alternative to the Windows Server operating system from Microsoft. The first Linux distribution I used was Red Hat 6.2 and that was when I had Windows `98 on my computer. I was amazed at the hardware support in Linux and the software such as the Gimp that allowed me to edit pictures and the overall quality as well as the fact that countless re-boots were not needed to install Red Hat compared to Windows.

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