Linux help e-books. Some very good resources for the Linux user.

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Now, we must convince Congress to stop the FCC. Can you display an alert? This is a library of PDF files that will help new users of Linux set up their system and get to grips with the command line and Linux software. I uploaded these a while ago and I thought I would post about them again to alert my visitors that they are available. They are a bit dated, but the Linux command line and software like VIM has not changed that much in that time. I am using Ubuntu 11.04 with the Unity desktop running with the Intel graphics drivers on a Intel i3 CPU and it is very reliable and fast. There are some problems with the Unity graphical support, but these issues will be overcome as time passes and the Unity system matures. This is one persons experience with the new desktop and he raises some good points. The Unity desktopĀ  is the evolution of the Gnome Shell interface, That was released as a demo a while ago. There is a posting here telling you how to install the Gnome 2 desktop in Ubuntu 11.04, but the way I did it was by installing the Gnome 2 packages in synaptic and then logging out and then selecting the Ubuntu classic option in GDM. The screenshot below shows the Gnome 2 desktop selected in Ubuntu 11.04. Just install all the Gnome 2 dependencies and then you can log out as I said before and select the Ubuntu classic desktop. But I am not sure if it will not be discontinued eventually and there will only be Gnome 3.

But I find that the Unity desktop is easy and usable, so I prefer that one now, but installing Gnome 2 is available if you want the classic interface whilst it is still available. And give the PDF files a read, they are very good for learning the command line interface in Linux.

Selecting Gnome 2 in synaptic, Ubuntu 11.04.
Selecting Gnome 2 in synaptic, Ubuntu 11.04.
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